Wordpress 2.0 localisation bug: gettext.php

After installing wordpress 2.0, I didn’t bother at first to install the dutch localisation.

However, I recently installed a plugin that tidies up the del.icio.us automatic linkdump posts. On of the thing this plugin does, is to modify the date in the title of the post. From ‘Links for 2006-02-04’ to ‘Linkdump van 4 February 2006′. And yes, that title is in dutch, but the date is still in English. This more or less forced me to install the dutch language file.

After following the installation procedures, uploading the nl_NL.mo language file and editing wp-config.php, the result was a bit disappointing: Nothing happened. The page and the wordpress administration dashboard remained untranslated. At first I suspected the dutch language file, it isn’t fully finished. However, I tried the German one, and that too didn’t work.
I took me 2 hours to debug the PHP code, by inserting die() commands. Old fashion hard breakpoints. (I have no access to syslog() on the webserver). After some fiddeling I figured out that gettext.php wasn’t reading the language file at all!

Coincidently, my provider migrated my account to a new webserver this week, with a different version of PHP. I was running into a PHP bug, probably unrelated to WordPress 2!
Luckily google found the fix for me: Appearently this is a known PHP bug. Thanks to skriker, my wordpress 2.0 is in dutch now.


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