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Date:    Mon, 3 Apr 2006 07:20:55 -0500
From:    Jerel Welker

Subject: Teaching Math in the Block1)  If at all possible, encourage a schedule where the class meets every
day.  Skipping days means the students aren’t taking fewer classes.
For low performing students:
2)  Switch activities every 20 minutes.  Have students grade their own
homework if teacher time is an issue.  In this way, grading homework
becomes a teaching time.  Provide the answers, allow immediate
3)  Have students work at the board or have individual/group white
boarding time.
4)  Have a few problems up for students to work immediately when they
come in to get them started.  Go over them immediately.  Answer
5)  Use a routine or post your plan for the day on the board so students
know what is coming.
6)  Have multiple lecture sessions.  Have a lecture, practice, and have
another lecture/demo session.
7)  Use technology when relevant and available.  Students need immediate
feedback.  Online tests/practice materials can be very beneficial with
students who are used to gaming and other fast action results.
8)  Use test, re-test.  Test by objective.  Allow students to re-take an
objective for full/partial credit.  For example, if you score less than
75% on the objective, you can re-test for 90% credit.  Students must
work additional practice problems prior to re-testing.

The block can be a very useful tool, but it must be very structured and
organized.  The same 50 minute lesson plan won’t work!

Jerel Welker
Lincoln Southwest Math Department
Lincoln, NE

Bron: Moddeling digest 2006-83 


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