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Chemistry FPS?

On Edufrag (weblog about educational gaming) I read about an educational game being developed at Purdue; Critical Mass, a Chemistry FPS. (First Person Shooter).

There’s not much information at the moment, just a teaser video, that looks cool, but doesn’t releave anything except a FPS. Where’t the Chemistry?

I’m keeping an eye on this website, though!

Update: Some more information just appeared at the website

Didactiek voor blokuren

Van de Modelling maillinglist:

Date:    Mon, 3 Apr 2006 07:20:55 -0500
From:    Jerel Welker

Subject: Teaching Math in the Block1)  If at all possible, encourage a schedule where the class meets every
day.  Skipping days means the students aren’t taking fewer classes.
For low performing students:
2)  Switch activities every 20 minutes.  Have students grade their own
homework if teacher time is an issue.  In this way, grading homework
becomes a teaching time.  Provide the answers, allow immediate
3)  Have students work at the board or have individual/group white
boarding time.
4)  Have a few problems up for students to work immediately when they
come in to get them started.  Go over them immediately.  Answer
5)  Use a routine or post your plan for the day on the board so students
know what is coming.
6)  Have multiple lecture sessions.  Have a lecture, practice, and have
another lecture/demo session.
7)  Use technology when relevant and available.  Students need immediate
feedback.  Online tests/practice materials can be very beneficial with
students who are used to gaming and other fast action results.
8)  Use test, re-test.  Test by objective.  Allow students to re-take an
objective for full/partial credit.  For example, if you score less than
75% on the objective, you can re-test for 90% credit.  Students must
work additional practice problems prior to re-testing.

The block can be a very useful tool, but it must be very structured and
organized.  The same 50 minute lesson plan won’t work!

Jerel Welker
Lincoln Southwest Math Department
Lincoln, NE

Bron: Moddeling digest 2006-83 

WordPress 2.0 localisation bug: gettext.php

After installing wordpress 2.0, I didn’t bother at first to install the dutch localisation.

However, I recently installed a plugin that tidies up the automatic linkdump posts. On of the thing this plugin does, is to modify the date in the title of the post. From ‘Links for 2006-02-04’ to ‘Linkdump van 4 February 2006′. And yes, that title is in dutch, but the date is still in English. This more or less forced me to install the dutch language file.

After following the installation procedures, uploading the language file and editing wp-config.php, the result was a bit disappointing: Nothing happened. The page and the wordpress administration dashboard remained untranslated. At first I suspected the dutch language file, it isn’t fully finished. However, I tried the German one, and that too didn’t work.
I took me 2 hours to debug the PHP code, by inserting die() commands. Old fashion hard breakpoints. (I have no access to syslog() on the webserver). After some fiddeling I figured out that gettext.php wasn’t reading the language file at all!

Coincidently, my provider migrated my account to a new webserver this week, with a different version of PHP. I was running into a PHP bug, probably unrelated to WordPress 2!
Luckily google found the fix for me: Appearently this is a known PHP bug. Thanks to skriker, my wordpress 2.0 is in dutch now.